Welcome to The Aegis Array

Problem solving. That’s the purpose of The Aegis Array. We represent a selection of manufacturers for public safety and industrial applications.

From RF test equipment, cable and antenna analyzers, RF cable/fiber/Cat6 cabling, tower-top amplifiers, to base station and mobile antennas, we have a number of RF solutions.

Have dispatch or control rooms? Sit-stand console furniture, 24/7 intensive-use chairs, IP radio dispatch consoles, and video processors and video walls to help with situational awareness.

What about wildland fire detection? Live or work someplace where you need to know early where a fire is burning?

Want to ensure that your employees are fit-for-work? Workers can be distracted for any number of reasons, wouldn’t you want to know what’s going on before they go on shift? The trend is to move away from drug testing and toward cognitive assessment. We can help enhance your safety program.

Sometimes we can even help improve your cash flow. Yes, it depends on your business, but it’s always worth asking about.

Check out our current lines and contact us with any questions. We can do online demos for any number of products. Let us know what problem you are trying to solve and we’ll find a way to help.

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