Product Lines

Providing sales representation directly with manufacturers and through The Sales Group. Keep scrolling for a list of manufacturers who offer quality products. Contact me for details or check their websites for more information. I am an independent sales rep, so I’m very careful that you are getting the right product, at the right time, at the right price. My business is about solving your technology problems, because only then can we both be successful.

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Representing Manufacturers with products to help the following sectors:

  • Public Safety
    • 911
    • Law
    • Fire
    • Emergency Management
    • EMS
    • Road and Bridge Departments
  • Commercial Construction
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Oil and Gas production and transport
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Control Rooms (hotels, casinos)
  • Security
  • Airports

Not on the list? Ask if we have a product for you or keep scrolling and see if we can help you find a solution.

If you are looking for solutions on your current low-band system, we have a couple of options that we could discuss, depending on your needs.

Current list of manufacturers:

I have several programs that help specific businesses increase their revenue with no up-front cost, and low or no risk. How? By both adding cash and reducing costs. Is your business a hospital, a closed user group (customers, members, employees), or you have a water bill over $2,000 per month? What about solar? Ever thought about how solar can help your business? With these programs, increasing cash flow by six to seven figures is possible. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how one or more of these programs can help your business? The answer starts with a five minute phone call. Click here to contact me.

Handheld RF and cable test equipment specializing in Time Domain Reflectors (TDRs), Step TDRS, Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) Site Analyzers, and return loss meters. Cost effective, light weight, ruggedized handheld RF and cable testing solutions. Click here to check their website for more information.

Antenna solutions including base station (yagi, omni, and dipole), mobile whip and sharkfin antennas including GPS capabilities, duplexer and diplexer filters, DAS antennas. Antennas that perform in harsh environments. Click here to check their website for more information.

Cable AML made their name providing private LTE networks for a variety of customers. School districts, hospitals, government facilities, anywhere where having a private broadband system is preferred. They are all about designing a system for your needs so click here to check out their website and see if they can help you.

Concept Seating offers chairs for the 24/7 environment. These aren’t your every day chairs. Warrantied for six years and designed for people up to 550 pounds. Need more? Concept Seating even has a bariatric designed chair. Designed for dispatch centers and other 24/7 control room environments where comfort means safety. Are you a reseller? Ask about dealer opportunities. Click here to check their website for more information.

Dupont Building constructs environmentally sound, non-corrosive fiberglass shelters for communications and metal shelters for power equipment needs. Applications include, mountain-top radio communication sites, motor control buildings, and power control shelters. Can be custom made to your needs. Work with Dupont to design a shelter for your exact situation. Click here to check their website for more information.

When you absolutely have to record phones and radios. Designed for 911 Communications where phones and radios are vital to investigations, court records, and quality improvement. Equature’s voice recorder is user friendly and some agencies choose to fully integrate the recorder with Equature’s body-worn cameras. Their artificial intelligence technology also features facial recognition. Need redaction before you release something to the public? It’s as easy as select, click, and save. Not just for 911, but for any mission critical environment that needs a record of phones, radios, and video. Click here to check their website for more information.

We develop and manufacture high performance RF, microwave and mmWave technologies such as filters, transceivers, tower-top amplifiers, MMICs & front-end modules. Filtronic serves telecommunications, critical communications, aerospace & defense, test & measurement, and space. For over 40 years, they have been developing high-performance innovative solutions for RF communications and deliver repeatable, high-yield performance to complex markets. Please click here to go their website.

Freedom by Astronics makes RF Test equipment for the professional radio technician. Service monitors for all Land Mobile Radio frequency ranges: VHF, UHF, 700/800, and more. Freedom analyzers cover protocols for DMR, TETRA, NXDN, PTC, P25 conventional, P25 trunking, and more. Auto-tune and programming options are available. Compact units can be purchased with an internal battery for field work so you can use it anywhere. Please click here to check out their website. These are robust units that are upgradable with so many options that you have to check it out for yourself. Excellent customer service.

InterTalk Radio Consoles serve as a bridge between existing radio, telephony, analog, digital, and data communications. Their custom console solutions are in use by public safety, railways, business enterprises, utilities, and transportation agencies across North America. Hardware-based, software-based, and a cloud solution offers the version that works best for your individual situation. They are also a company who prides themselves in providing technical support when you need it, not next week as other companies sometimes do. Click here to check their website for more information, then give me a call for an online demo.

DMR handheld and mobile radios. The PTT over Cellular (PoC) radios have become very popular because people love the low cost and the high quality. Radio shops are taking advantage of dealer opportunities to give customers a reasonably priced option. Click here to check out their website for their complete product line.

Lobo platform systems are something you’ve got to see to believe. They may be easy to describe: scaffolding that can be configured in infinite ways, put together in 30 -45 minutes without tools (depending on the size of course). Honestly, this system needs to be seen in action before you can truly understand how it can help your company. Used at refineries to save money on leased scaffolding, used in manufacturing and fulfillment centers to work over the top of machinery and conveyor belts, even used in supermarkets to work in the ceiling above the racks, these systems are put up quickly and store in almost any empty corner. Your operators must be trained and certified to ensure safe assembly. Units are OSHA approved. Click here to go to their website to learn more.

NexTek is a US based manufacturer of surge arrestors for RF communications and data applications. They are experts in lightning protection and EMC/power conditioning products and services. If you have a question about surge protection, these are the folks to ask. Superb quality and competitively priced. Click here to check their website or call me for more information.

Phase 4 Design is a one-stop shop for your radio technician training. The US Forest Service has used Phase 4 Design for their new radio techs to get the basics under their belt. The LMR Technician Training Class  is an online, interactive, 4-Day, Multimedia Course that covers electronic theory through RF System Design. Click here to go to their website and find a schedule that works for you.

PMAM provides law enforcement software solutions for a variety of applications. Crime Disruptor uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the probability of a crime occurring at a certain time and place. These predictions allow agencies to be proactive in many ways, including the ability to adjust law enforcement staffing levels by beat. City Reach is a program that allows agencies to enhance their citizen outreach and social media activity. It can even monitor social media feeds for specific words to alert agencies that a topic may be going viral (once again helping agencies to be proactive). False Alarm Management System (FAMS) is a turnkey program that assists agencies with enforcement of law/fire false alarm ordinances including collecting fines from citizens or alarm companies. The best part about FAMS? There is no cost, only cost recovery, which means dollars coming into your agency to cover personnel time to respond to false alarms. Click here to check their website or call us for more information.

Ever struggle to find more ways to be proactive with your safety program? Are your employees bored with the same old safety meetings? A 60-90 second fit-for-work brain game, that offers no language barriers, has helped better engage employees with safety, make them more aware of their alertness level, and show them how it impacts their performance at work. If your safety program needs a boost, you have to check this out. Some of the results include, reduced workers comp claims, reduced hours lost, reduced severity and cost of accidents, better employer/employee relationships, increased productivity, and in some cases, reduced workers comp premiums. It is a top level impairment assessment that can be a game changer for your company. Click here to check their website for more details and then sign up for a short demo before you leave the site. The demo takes 15-30 minutes and then you can judge for yourself.

Looking to connect two disparate systems so that you can talk on them as if they were one? Raven is the company to go to. Their solutions allow your team to connect radios, phones, or talk to your team from anywhere in the world. Interoperability, interconnectivity solutions specifically for your situation. Bring them your interoperability problem and they can likely solve it for you. Click here for their website to learn more.

Over three decades RGB Specturm has gained a reputation for mission-critical, 24/7 reliable products to meet demanding applications in defense, aerospace, government and medicine. We offer video signal distribution and display solutions for mission-critical applications, encompassing baseband and IP video, KVM control, display processing from desktop multi-viewing to wide-area video walls, visual data recording, content management, and third-party device control. Click here to check their website for more information.

GPS locations are fairly reliable when you’re within cell phone range. But what happens when you have critical resources in rural areas without data connectivity? RoGo Communications offers satellite enabled devices to track resources and send data from anyplace to a map on your RoGO portal. Designed with the wildland firefighting community in mind in order for command to monitor the location of engines, water tenders, bulldozers, and other resources. Add a Bluetooth enabled device to the RoGO Dropblock, and you can monitor a variety of additional factors important to your operations. Do you need weather information? Do you need internal temperatures of a refrigerated shipment? RoGO can help with that too. Tell RoGO what parameters you need and they can almost always find a solution for you. Designed for reliable location tracking, click here to go to their website for more information or contact me for details.

RuggON offers ruggedized tablets, mobile computers, and monitors for harsh environments. Perfect for law, fire, and EMS applications. These fully ruggedized units have also found their way into manufacturing, construction, and other industries especially where dust and extreme temperatures are problems. The screens can be read in severe sunny conditions as well as below zero temperatures. Do you have an environment where your electronics go to die? It may be time to give RuggON products a try. Click here to check their website for more information.

SkillSignal is an app designed for commercial construction with so many more applications. It’s an all-in-one safety and compliance platform. Everything your safety officer needs in one place. Need forms? They are there. Need Toolbox talks? Have those, too. Need to track employee or contractor certifications? No problem. All this and so much more. Designed to accommodate multiple contractors for one project–even for projects that may last for years. SkillSignal can simplify entry and exit to secure work sites. Thinking of going paperless? SkillSignal has you covered. There are too many features to cover so click here for their website and you can check out for yourself how they can help manage your construction site. Or conference center. Or manufacturing plant. Or oil refinery. Or many other industries who need to simplify their safety processes and compliance reporting. Or give their free version a try and take it for a test ride.

SmokeD is a wildland fire detector that uses artificial intelligence to minimize false positives. Are you in an area prone to wildfires and need a better way to alert you of a fire? Click here to check their website for more information. It is a reasonably priced solution for rural subdivisions and others who need to know about fires in the area as early as possible. designs and manufactures high-quality RF system products. It serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1972 and is currently based in Fremont, California. produces high quality base station antennas, tower top pre-amps, cavity filters, duplexers, one of the only digital watt meters on the market, and lots more. Click here to check out their website.

Do you have a low band radio system that you are struggling with finding equipment for? Handhelds, mobiles, and base stations are available through TPL which is based in France. Before you scrap your entire low band system, it’s worth it to see if TPL’s products could save you an entire overhaul. Click here to check out their low band eDMR products. Be sure to click on the English language button (the British flag icon) at the top of the website.

Winsted offers dispatch and control room furniture. Sit-stand desks that are built to last, cable management, lighting, environmental controls for comfort during a long shift. Custom solutions are always an option. Click here to check their website for competitively priced solutions for your center.

Wireless Supply is the place for quality at a reasonable price. Starting out as a supplier of cable and connectors for DAS installations, they expanded to include the same for all your RF needs. And their prices really are better than almost everyone else. But at Wireless Supply, quality of their products always come first. Click here to check their website and online catalog. Contact me for current pricing.